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Blundell carries over 300 fresh, frozen, smoked, canned and prepared salmon products. Click here to look at a list showing our full range.

With specialist expertise built up over more than 35 years, we can honestly say that salmon is our passion. We are Canada’s largest salmon processor, producing over 300 fresh, frozen, smoked, canned and prepared salmon products, and processing hundreds of thousands of pounds of whole salmon each week.

Blundell Smoked Sockeye

We produce our very own premium Blundell smoked salmon, using only the freshest top-quality Pacific wild sockeye fish. With a deliciously refined flavour honed over many years of experience, our Blundell smoked salmon is cured and smoked locally right here in Vancouver, over chippings from native woods sustainably-sourced in British Columbia.

Blundell premium smoked sockeye salmon is a beautiful deep-red, with a mild cold-smoked flavour. Stunning in both taste and presentation, it is available as whole sides, either unsliced or pre-sliced for convenience. Sizes range from 375g to 500g (depending on the size of the fish) and are sold by weight.

Blundell smoked salmon

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How do you tell the difference between Sockeye and Chum, Atlantic and Pink? Find out more about the various types of salmon and how best to serve them here.


Look out for the following labels, which complement our extensive product range.

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Blundell Seafoods™

Applied exclusively to our premium locally-smoked sockeye salmon.

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Our exclusive range of Asian fish, available in retail stores throughout North America.

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Just as it says on the label, select wild fish and seafood from the waters of the Pacific, all processed in Canada.