We love what we do. Take a look at some of the different products and services we supply to our customers…

Steelhead salmon fillets

Wholesale: Supplying 40,000 lbs of fresh Atlantic salmon fillets, all cleaned, skinned and pin-boned into fillets of 2 lbs and under, to meet a national retailer’s upcoming 4-day holiday promotion


Retail: Individually bagging and labelling 20,000 lbs of lobster claws in customer’s own proprietary branded bags and labelling


Processing: Processing 45,000 lbs of fresh halibut into individually vacuum-packed 8 oz portions, to be delivered to a premium national food service provider over the course of a year


Hotels: Supplying 1,000 6 oz portions of fresh salmon every week to a national hotelier for their banquets


Restaurants: Providing renowned Vancouver eateries with standing weekly orders ranging from 300 lbs of fresh Pacific Gallo mussels, to mixed supplies including wild Pacific sablefish, sole, snapper, black tiger prawns, calamari and more…


Restaurant chains: Supplying 2,500 6 oz and 4 oz portions of fresh steelhead trout every week to a national restaurant chain at 20 different locations


Special orders: Providing 1,000 fresh 6oz British Columbian sockeye salmon portions for a VIP banquet hosted by the Government of Canada in honour of Her Majesty the Queen


Special orders: Flying Blundell Canadian sockeye salmon to China at the request of the Prime Minister’s Office for an important trade mission

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