We believe in upholding the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all our operations.

We are accredited as a federally-registered facility by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, both to QMP and QMPI standards, and by the Better Business Bureau, so that our customers know that they can trust us and our products.

We maintain excellent business practices, both operational and management. As part of our longstanding commitment to quality control, we invest in our processes and procedures, to ensure that we continue to be industry-leading. As well as our dedicated team of in-house quality control personnel, we also employ seasoned independent consultants to inspect our processes and systems weekly to ensure that they are in-place and effective, and to advise on continuous quality improvements.


QMP Export Accredited

Blundell has held QMP accreditation (also known as a Federal Registration) as a federally-recognized facility since the inception of the QMP program by the Government of Canada in 1993. This means that we have internal quality control systems to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of food safety and hygiene, enabling us to supply and export intra-provincially and worldwide. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency audits QMP compliance at least four times per year, using principles based on the internationally-recognized HACCP system.

Accreditation No. 1934 (BC 1934 SS) (exp. 2013/11/30)

QMP Import Accredited

Blundell also holds the rarely-issued QMPI accreditation, meaning that it has internal quality control systems to ensure that the products it imports meet the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. All of our imported fish and seafood is subject to independent laboratory testing as mandated by the CFIA, to ensure that it complies with Canada’s highest standards of food safety and hygiene. Blundell has been a QMPI federally-recognized facility since 2007.

Accreditation No. 1934E (exp. 2013/04/18)

BBB Accredited

Monitored by the Better Business Bureau, we have held BBB accreditation since 2002, meaning that we are honest, open, responsive and transparent with our customers.

2013 BBB Grading A+