We are proud to supply local, national and international food retailers – ranging from independent grocery outlets to multi-location chains – with flexible services that meet your needs.

  • We provide bespoke processing, allowing you to specify how you want your fish prepared, from its cleaning right down to your preferred exact portion size, so that you can provide your customers with precisely what they want
  • We can package and label according to your exact specifications, saving you time and labour and ensuring that your products reach the shelf in the shortest time
  • We source both fresh and frozen seasonal specials that enable you to provide your customers with enticing offers both in and out of season
  • We are the largest salmon processor in Canada, whether farmed or wild and sustainably-sourced. Because of our turnover, our salmon is the freshest on the market today
  • We have the capacity to handle significant supply contracts, handling over 150,000 lbs of fish and seafood each day
  • We carry an extensive range of over 1,750 products, with significant inventory in our own cold stores and freezers, ensuring that you have a continuous supply line both in and out of season
  • We can supply customised units and quantities that meet your needs, which means you can create your own pack sizes
  • Through our specialist partner carriers, we deliver fresh and frozen seafood quickly, reaching the Americas, Europe and Asia within 24 hours, and Africa, India and Oceania within two days

Talk to our sales team at +1 (604) 270 3300 to find out more, and to discuss how we can work with you.